Wherein I pretend to be a photographer …

All together now!

Fishermen hauling in their boat at the end of the day. See more photos from this set.

All the pretty horses.

 Horses at sunset in Ogle. See more photos of horses here.

Listening man.

 A man listening in from outside at the Walter Rodney memorial lecture given by David Hinds.

On the edge of their seats.

Guyanese fans hoping against hope for a decent score at the Guyana vs. Costa Rica FIFA qualifying match at Providence Stadium. Guyana lost 0 to 4. You can find a sum up of the watching experience and more photos here.

Serious business.

Found this serious looking guy on a truck ready to mash it up with the rest of them. More photos here and a run down of Mash 2012 here.

All of the lights.

Lantern lighting at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Georgetown.

Brazil, Guyana and in between.

The Takutu River which divides Guyana and Brazil.


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