Guyana, Not Ghana

Buxton, Fyrish, Cove-An-John, Bush Lot, Mahaica Beterverwagting, Vauxhall and Kinderen No, ah said, Guyana not Ghana Pompeii, Tanta doux, Bhagwandeen car for hire Sai John, Sat’day night Sweet shop gas light Shining on shame-face in de trench water No, ah said Guyana not Ghana Black pudding, corn pone, swank, cous-cous and sugar Jinghji seeds, back-dam metagee wid plenty cassava Buxton spice – no mango sweeter When you eat mamie, don drink wine nor water Ah say de first boy a love was in Parika Five years ole, he come from Africa Pass Plaisance?  Ah ask, No, he say further Georgetown was fah He say pass dat … Continue reading Guyana, Not Ghana


By Vitri Balram

Just recently, I was on vacation in Guyana after three or more years. Though it had been a short time since the last that I had been back home on vacation, it seemed like an eternity. And the only reason to explain that sense of an extended length of time would have to my long lasting love of and for Guyana. Continue reading “Vacation”