In the news: The CCJ rules Guyana’s anti-cross dressing laws unconstitutional!

Good news for progress in the Caribbean! Yesterday, the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that Section 153(1)(xlvii) of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act, which makes it a criminal offense for a man or woman to dress in clothing assigned (by whom, I … Continue reading In the news: The CCJ rules Guyana’s anti-cross dressing laws unconstitutional!

Reflecting on Emancipation

  This Wednesday, Guyana and many countries in the Caribbean will be celebrating Emancipation Day – the day slavery was abolished throughout the British empire. Around 48% of Africans transported for slavery ended up in the Caribbean. The Slavery Abolition Act which was passed by the British Parliament in 1833, came into force on August 1, 1834. It only applied to persons under the age of six, however. All others were transformed from “slaves” to “apprenticed labourers”. Apprentice has a much softer ring to it, doesn’t it? Like ‘I’m an apprentice, here to learn a trade’. Much better than ‘I’m … Continue reading Reflecting on Emancipation

Rally round the West Indies

If you’re West Indian and have a pulse, you probably know that the West Indies cricket teams (women and men) made history last Sunday with the women unseating four time winner Australia and the men becoming the first team to ever win the T20 twice. I am not a cricket (or any sport) fan normally. But we happened to catch the match on the radio while running errands and I just had to know what would happen so I tuned in online (which is absurd, I should have been able to watch it on local tv) to watch the most … Continue reading Rally round the West Indies

No one looks good on Phagwah

Yesterday was Phagwah, known to the rest of the world as Holi, the Hindu festival of colours to celebrate, as usual, the triumph of good over evil. In the Caribbean, we call it Phagwah after the Bhojpuri month of “Phagun” because it is also a celebration of the beginning of Spring. Phagwah/Holi is also a love story between Lord Krishna and Radha. Getting into the spirit, President Granger said that the nation needs to refocus on love for our fellow men and women. We headed out to the Stadium for seven curry and then to the Everest Cricket Ground for some … Continue reading No one looks good on Phagwah