No one looks good on Phagwah

Yesterday was Phagwah, known to the rest of the world as Holi, the Hindu festival of colours to celebrate, as usual, the triumph of good over evil. In the Caribbean, we call it Phagwah after the Bhojpuri month of “Phagun” because it is also a celebration of the beginning of Spring. Phagwah/Holi is also a love story between Lord Krishna and Radha. Getting into the spirit, President Granger said that the nation needs to refocus on love for our fellow men and women. We headed out to the Stadium for seven curry and then to the Everest Cricket Ground for some … Continue reading No one looks good on Phagwah

Elections and supermarket tourists

On Saturday we took a trip up the East Bank to see the new Massy supermarket. That’s right. We went on a sight seeing trip to view a supermarket. What can I say? That’s what it’s come to. I remember when I first got here I was puzzled by the concept of the Business Expo. How did people allow an expo largely featuring construction and furniture companies and gated communities to be billed as entertainment? Now, I’m making plans with my friend Friday night to go ogle Guyana’s biggest supermarket on a Saturday afternoon. Such is life in Guyana. And … Continue reading Elections and supermarket tourists

On getting stuck and staying the course

I’ve completed two weeks and have begun week three on my diet. I seem to have faltered with the callaloo juice but I’ve still had some here and there this week and I haven’t gone off course otherwise. Instead of the juice, I’ve been having salads for breakfast. I know, I thought it was crazy too but it’s actually been very satisfying (or maybe anything is satisfying once it isn’t callaloo juice). And yet the scale seemed stuck this week. For five days in a row, it showed me the exact same number (down to the decimal point). Really, scale? … Continue reading On getting stuck and staying the course

I don’t know who’s running in my neighbourhood (but at least my polling station isn’t a tree?)

Local government elections are happening this Friday! This is a historic day because we haven’t had LGE in decades. And because the councils take care of our neighbourhoods (or are supposed to). Most importantly (for me) I get to identify people to complain to about the lack of sidewalks on my street. And the random loud noises in the middle of the night from a “restaurant” two houses away from us. And the lack of a park/recreational area. Unfortunately, I read the list of candidates and recognize NO ONE. There has been no town hall in my area (to my … Continue reading I don’t know who’s running in my neighbourhood (but at least my polling station isn’t a tree?)

Zumba and getting over myself

Wow, week two and I already fell off the wagon! Only one post for last week (and it was a copied note at that, not a piece of my own writing). Not great at all. But, on a brighter note, here I am again. At least I haven’t fallen that far. The truth is I’ve had lots of ideas of what to blog about last week but I’ve put off the writing for “later” and something always gets in the way (eventually it’s sleep cause I only stay up so “late”) and I say “tomorrow” and it starts all over … Continue reading Zumba and getting over myself

The performing selfie

Photo by Mark Lyndersay If you went to Carnival and didn’t take a selfie, Instagram it, Facebook it and Tweet it, did it even happen? There’s a very interesting interview on Global Voices about Trinidad’s 2016 carnival last month from which photographer Sarita Rampersad created a collection of revelers taking selfies. What a great idea! We here in Guyana are definitely living in the age of the selfie and there would be ample opportunity to create a similar collection. We did not have Mash this year so maybe someone can take this up at the 50th? Maybe I’ll do it, … Continue reading The performing selfie

Callaloo juice and other challenges

Happy new year! I know, I know – I’m exactly two months too late. The intention, of course, was to begin blogging again on the 1st of the (then) new year. And the intention for about three months before the end of 2015 was to continue blogging. Every week I’d think “I should really do that” and then I’d go do something else. But, here we are. It’s 2016! I’ve been a little (okay, a lot) susceptible to the little unproductive voices in my head telling me that I’d write something tomorrow (I really believed them). But I’m happy to … Continue reading Callaloo juice and other challenges