I don’t know who’s running in my neighbourhood (but at least my polling station isn’t a tree?)

Local government elections are happening this Friday! This is a historic day because we haven’t had LGE in decades. And because the councils take care of our neighbourhoods (or are supposed to). Most importantly (for me) I get to identify people to complain to about the lack of sidewalks on my street. And the random loud noises in the middle of the night from a “restaurant” two houses away from us. And the lack of a park/recreational area.

Unfortunately, I read the list of candidates and recognize NO ONE. There has been no town hall in my area (to my knowledge). I heard that some persons did go house to house but I must not have been home that day. So, I’m going in blindly. But I’m still going to vote. I know at least one person who is going to show but might “spoil” her vote by writing down why she’s not choosing any of the candidates (mostly to do with not knowing who they are). Better must be done. We’ve known for some months now that elections were coming. I think candidates could have done a better job to reach out to the people they’re counting on to vote for them. I know that for a lot of the independent candidates resources must be tough. But there’s always social media. Start a facebook campaign – let us see what your plan is. Share it around! Make a youtube video or something.

I know one person I would vote for if I could: Christina Edwards in Lethem! She sounds amazing. She quit her job so she could run in this election and I think that shows a lot of commitment (you can’t find many who would be willing to do that for much higher positions) and that’s what we need from our councils because it’s going to take a lot of work to reverse ages of neglect. And she’s an Independent at that.

I hope there’s a decent turn out on Friday and best of luck to everyone!



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