The Umana Yana rises

Umana Yana

Took a spin by the Umana Yana yesterday to check on the progress made. It is almost done!

The floor was laid in late December and work began on the roof in February. All materials were sourced from the deep South and, if it is made the same way as the original, no nails would have been used.

The Umana Yana is the largest benab in Guyana built by Wai Wais in 1972. According to GINA, it was built in 80 days but went down in flames in just 15 minutes last September. The benab is built entirely of leaves, wood and vines.

Looking forward to its completion and to taking a gander at the ceiling! I’ve spent many moments gazing at the ceiling while at the Umana Yana for some event or the other.

Overall, it’s been satisfying watching it go up with regular signs of progress. Things tend to move slowly in Guyana so the public has been delighted at how quick the Wai Wai tribe has managed to work, spawning several Facebook albums and visits from curious onlookers (including myself).



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