Of Love and Other Demographics

“Any discussion of demographics is about race, and it’s about migration — but if not stifled by taboo, it’s also about that most unpredictable of variables, for the political scientist or anyone else: love, which causes people to cross in their daily lives the fault lines that history has created and that elections here enunciate. With the May 2015 contest decided by only 4,500 votes, it may have hinged on an elusive, hard-to-map group: interracial couples and their mixed-race children.”

More of this thought provoking piece by Gaiutra Bahadur here.


3 thoughts on “Of Love and Other Demographics

  1. Sadly, that speaks to me of someone who thinks along racial lines.
    I believe that the recent elections hinged upon more than that (not saying it wasn’t a factor)… one thing I do know is that many people I have spoken to went out to vote because they had had enough of the blatant corruption and abuse of power.

    I know that voting still goes along racial lines, but people who’s vision tunnels upon that may themselves be racially opined

    1. I think the number (4500) speaks to thinking and voting along racial lines… Observing that it is so doesn’t make one racist.

      1. I never said it made her racist, but her thinking goeas along those lines for that paragraph 🙂 and the 4500? there are too many IFs involved to categorically state that it was “race” that affected it… (mixed or otherwise).

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