I was going to give this post the very optimistic and very dull title “Getting back into writing” which, if anyone is reading this blog, is a call back to earlier optimistic times (“Reboot and recap”, “Hello 2013!” – which I really thought was going to launch me into a year of regular blogging and certainly did not anticipate would be just the one post for the year – and actually, that’s about it. I had some drafts which never made it but clearly I had more optimistic “I AM going to blog” moments than I acted on over the years) but I didn’t because maybe I won’t get back into writing. Since the end of 2012, I’ve been telling myself that I’d get right back on the horse/wagon/bicycle as soon as I got some time or I was hit by some sort of inspiration or some other event occurred which finally cleared up all mysteriously ambivalent feelings about doing this thing which I supposedly WANT to do but just can’t seem to (I told you it was mysterious) and I’d just be able to write already. No such luck.

Instead, for the past almost three years, I’ve been putting off all manner of things that I want to do. I got a job, you see, and the 9 to 5 (or 8 to 4:30) is a lot more draining than I had anticipated. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it (occasionally) or that it isn’t rewarding. I have learned and grown so much in the past almost three years, thanks to this job (and I look forward to learning and growing even more for the foreseeable future, person from my office who is reading this!). And being financially stable and independent is the best thing ever (as is living in Mom’s house – thanks, Mom!). But something about the workday just takes everything out of me by afternoon. Maybe it’s because I’m a morning person and my batteries just empty out as the day goes on but when the clock hits 4:30 I cannot wait to go home and do NOTHING. And then on the weekends I have to run some errands for most of Saturday but then I get to do nothing again. I really look forward to it.

Nothing is my favourite.

The problem is it’s really hard to do nothing and the other things you might want to do (like see people/things or be outdoors after dark). And not doing/seeing things gets in the way of having things to blog about. Also blogging gets in the way of doing nothing. So, that’s where I currently am. I have been making a little bit of effort to do less nothing and more something. So, maybe I won’t be consistent but I will be here from time to time. Also, I may just end up posting lots of photos since that’s easier than thinking of something interesting to write. Speaking of which, here’s this photo I took of the moon last week on my phone (I cheated though – I put it up against the lens of a telescope so don’t feel too bad about your inferior phone camera moon photos): 20150702_193504 I haven’t taken out my camera in the past couple of years much, except at the occasional wedding I’ve attended. But apparently, mobile photography is a thing now so you’re going to be seeing a lot of phone photos from me. I changed the theme of the blog so it’s looking a little weird but I think I like it (?). Also, I’ve hidden some old posts because my writing made me cringe :/ I know, I should be more honest but no. Anyway, that’s all for now. -k.


4 thoughts on “Something

  1. After reading this…. I think I need another coffee. 😀

    It’s hard to write when you think you are writing for others… it’s the one thing I don’t do, I write for me, it is my expression, if others like it, yipee! If they don’t, well, that’s just too bad (for them), if they care enough to give an honest opinion, then they’re better friends than I am worth.

    Chin up, and keep at it!

    As for the photography… this year I started to put some effort into my mobile photography as well, so my Instagram feed is now ticking over weekly (it seems I mostly shoot with the phone on weekends)


    1. Thanks for the comment – and reading!

      I think you’ve nailed it – my problem is I’m not sure what I want the blog to be so I just avoid it. Is it just for me? Is it for others? What am I doing with my life? (yeah, I get a bit side tracked…)

      It’s probably a good approach to just write whatever you want. But I already journal and obviously I won’t be putting any of THAT up for anyone to see. But I’ll see what I can do that would be halfway what comes to mind and halfway decent.

      I signed up for Instagram years ago but don’t use. Maybe I should get back to that. Do you use VSO cam? I hear that’s a thing.

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