Females cause domestic violence when they displease their husbands

Because hitting others is a healthy way to deal with anger?
Because women live to please their husbands?
Because men have no self control?

Stabroek News seems to have polled some people’s opinions on the national conversation on domestic violence and most of them are pretty encouraging if repetitive – it’s a very serious matter that should be talked about, people need counselling, etc and so on. Two men however, a vendor and a pensioner, added on some extra words of wisdom that will give plenty of insight into why DV is so rampant here in Guyana:

‘This would certainly help since persons need to share their story. I see this as a need in the country. Both men and women are to be blamed for domestic violence because they are both the cause for it.  Sometime females are the cause; the things they do are not pleasing to their husbands and that would result in domestic violence because it gets the man angry.  They should sensitise the public about this problem and how it affects everyone.  They should create laws to help put a stop to domestic violence. They should make laws that are heavy. Laws like sending persons to prison and fines that are big because the small ones they would pay and go back and do the same thing again.”

“It is needed in the country because sometimes people would talk about domestic violence and that does not help very much and with them going around then people would be able to share how they feel. But sometimes women are to be blamed because they know the law protects them. Women sometimes influence the males to hit them because of the things they do. The first time punishment should be light but if they continue to do this they should have a longer punishment which is harsher. This way it would help to reduce domestic violence in the country.”


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