The “plight” of Ms. Guyana

Ms. Vitri weighs in on the Ms. Guyana debacle and makes some excellent points:

Not too long ago, GT Vibes posted an article calling for donations to be made towards Ms. Cameron’s participation at the pageant, which will be held in China. Of all the things to devote web space to, GT Vibes chose to highlight the “plight” of Miss. Cameron since she was crowned. Yes, you read that right… they didn’t write about the ongoing debates and pressure by the UN for Guyana to abolish the death penalty or corporal punishment or LGBT rights. No, they devoted time and energy to inform the public of how the Miss Guyana World Franchise has not contributed anything to Ms. Cameron.

     Apparently, Ms. Cameron doesn’t have enough designer shoes, clothes, etc in order to compete. So therefore, “Guyana is set to be embarrassed.” In fact, it is unthinkable to “present to the world that Guyana is so poor that it cannot fulfill its obligations.” And so the article continues to plead Ms. Cameron’s case and ask for donations for her ticket, etc.

     I’m not saying that Ms. Cameron is not deserving of a crown, but just not the Miss Guyana World crown. Sorry to say, but you are not the best representative for Guyana (and yes Judges, you were wrong!). Apart from your academia, “world citizenry” and the abundance of “diversity” you’ve boasted of on your webpage, what do you have that makes you an inspiration to women? You speak of wanting to “help people in poverty stricken areas,” but where is your advocacy? Is merely making a guest appearance on a telethon hosted by Habitat for Humanity considered advocacy? Is shaking hands with the President? Is smiling in photos and looking gorgeous alongside a poor & sick child considered advocacy?

Find the full piece here.


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