Impromptu Getaway

Had a birthday trip planned by the amazing Mr Pedro in May but, due to untimely events, ended up postponing it. By a stroke of luck, a need for a break coincided perfectly with an opening on a tour and off we went.

We bus-ed it to Roden Rust (just fifteen minutes away from Parika) and from there got a speedboat to our other destinations. If you like to sit in the open section of the speed boat, like I do, then you’re bound to end up meditating for quite sometime as conversation is pretty much impossible with the wind rushing my your ears very loudly. Just sky, river and occasional vegetation (and sloth).

Fort Island was a rather quick trip. The fort itself is tiny and the church’s yard was more fascinating to me than the church itself. Horrifying to think that slave auctions went on there… It was very hot so most of us trooped back eagerly to the boat for more cooling winds.

We passed Eddie Grant’s very cool house. Sad we couldn’t stop there for a tour! Passed the Mazaruni prison which is an entire island for the inmates and their families – and wondered about the prisoners taking over the island (how long would it take anyone on the mainland to know?).

Stopped in Bartica which I had never been to. Saw the “monument” that is a slab of white concrete in the middle of the street – and wondered about the loose definition of the word.

And then we made it to Baganara Island Resort which is just where you want to be to have an absolutely relaxing time. It’s just the picture of paradise. Granted, the waters aren’t blue but who cares? Lots of hammocks and big comfy chairs (made for lying not sitting) and open green spaces. Kayaking, swimming – whatever you like. I’m not sure if the sand was imported or not but it served its purpose. I finally got to have a gin and tonic (gin is not served in a lot of places here). And I spent some alone time with a giant, beautiful tree and thought about all the things that bother me currently. They seemed small and transient when compared to the tree…

On the way back we got some beautiful afternoon sunlight and saw some monkeys in a tree.

Returned to Georgetown with a bit of a headache from the fast paced scenery rushing by but feeling very content and fortunate. I sincerely believe that vacations – even mini ones – have therapeutic benefits. Someone should figure out a way to give the Guyanese populace a vacation.

More photos here.


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