Horsing around

Among the random stray dogs and cats you find about the place, you also come across seemingly autonomous cows, goats and horses. I say seemingly because most likely they belong to someone who’s just letting them graze as they like. In Ogle especially you meet a lot of these carefree characters. Cows especially love to cross bridges just as your car has gotten onto it. They also love to stroll leisurely across the road in the middle of traffic.

Going towards the airstrip, there’s an unused piece of land that horses seem to love. On the rare occasion that I decide to get some exercise, I see them there grazing away. Have been trying to exercise my budding photography skills on them.

So, yes there will be more horse pictures.


One thought on “Horsing around

  1. The number of stray dogs and cats mentioned gives an idea of the mess that the country is in. The outbreak of fleas at an institution of learning like QC is a logical consequence. The fact that a stray cat could have been living in some part of the building (an area under the stage, not the “attic” as reported by the MOE) is a national disgrace. Strikingly, once the immediate problem is solved, we hear nothing of any investigation into how it happened, what was the role of the caretaker(s), the degree of contact with students, etc. A little incident gives an idea of general administration in the whole society. Worse yet, no one really seems to care.

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