Guyana vs. Costa Rica

I arrived at the stadium twenty minutes late and by then Costa Rica had already scored two goals. You can imagine how the rest of the game went.

Guyana’s football team frankly doesn’t have the financial support it would need to make it strong enough (practice, international exposure, etc) to stand a chance at qualifying for the World Cup. That said – and I’m sorry if I’m offending any die hard fans here – poor football is the least of our problems. Even if the money was available, there’s so much more that needs addressing in Guyana that it’s not a point I would rally around myself or recommend to others.

So, it’s unlikely that we’ll be a team to reckon with any time soon. I’m still proud of the Golden Jaguars for showing up and playing to the best of their abilities and I’m quite disappointed in the number of people who walked out of the stadium once the Costa Ricans scored their fourth goal.

I think it speaks volumes to the significant lack of community spirit and solidarity in Guyana. Times are tough so, let’s quit? I very much agreed with the lady seated in front of me who – when pausing from screaming “GO GUYANA!” to the obvious embarrassment of the man (possible husband) next to her – was lecturing her companions on the need to support our team win or lose. “That’s not what’s important,” she told them. Contrast that with a man I heard joking about how he should’ve worn a red t-shirt instead.

Speaking of t-shirts, I was pleasantly surprised by the sea of yellow outfits at the stadium (I myself had worn green, in case anyone’s wondering). Not just football merchandise but any kind of yellow – yellow dresses, running outfits, Brazil tees! I found it heartening – before the big walk out in the second half.

I did manage to get a front row seat after the walk out though. Unfortunately, that brought me within hearing of a rather violent young woman who thought it was a good idea to yell homicidal tips like “BRUK HE LEG!” to our team because “we losin’ anyway”. Because violence would make the loss more bearable?

On a positive note, the stadium was impressive. Not that I’ve been to many but still. And I rather enjoyed watching a live game. If only I had a better lens to capture it all. Anyway, you’ll have to make do with what I got.


3 thoughts on “Guyana vs. Costa Rica

  1. It cracks me up that I read a ton of match reports in a week, and the most entertaining, atmospheric one I’ve seen for ages turns up accidentally when I’m browsing for something entirely different. Nice job, mate 😉

  2. Its such a pity when our own people see the need to give up on us even though we tried our hearts’ out!! smh!!!

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