Poor Sighted

Had to replace contact lenses and ended up in a new place because the usual was out of my power. Apparently some places are doing like the Americans and requiring you to test your eyes with them before they’ll sell you contacts – even if you’ve already been tested elsewhere. I suppose it’s useful for people who might have faulty info but it’s rather annoying when you’re in a hurry and there’s a long waiting line for eye tests.

Anyway, Don Gomes Optical Services on Brickdam did not make such a fuss (although they checked my glasses and had me do a quick read of the fine print on the wall) and the place itself was quite a treat. While Mr Gomes was getting my lenses, I pulled out my phone and took a few quick snaps. I was later assured – whilst washing my hands over a bucket outside – that the place was getting upgraded soon but I rather like the way it is currently.


6 thoughts on “Poor Sighted

  1. So you are in favour of medical devices being sold over-the-counter then? Abortions done Bottom-house… etc etc…

    1. Somethings can be sold over the counter. For instance, my flu meds from last week or birth control (like the morning after pill) or just simple painkillers for future body aches. Obviously, not all things can be safely offered over the counter but a person would have to get very creative to render contact lenses life threatening in any way. Especially when that person has been recently tested and has her prescription card to prove it 🙂

  2. Smiles- not quite— thankfully regular replacements have cut down a lot of the problems associated with Contact Lens wear– they are different from spectacles in that they interact with your bodily fluids and impede oxygen from getting to the anterior structures.
    The implication of ‘an eye test’ is a refraction where a prescription is given.
    Contact lens examination involves examining that front part of the eye under magnification, usually putting coloured drops to highlight any damaged tissue and monitoring changes in the blood vessels. Of course, long term abuse also damaged interior cells which can cause problems later on– by which time lens wear may have ceased and can cause unnecessary complications for later surgeries.

    1. Yes but if I had already tested with Modern Optical, say, then I wouldn’t have needed to be tested again…and therefore, what’s the point? They were not so interested in my being tested as my being tested by them.

      Also, if you’re going to go that far then grocery shopping should also be regulated (as food interacts with bodily fluids; risk of later debilitation, high incidence of “sugar” amongst older folk and so on).

      It goes without saying that alcohol consumption would have to be regulated as well – maybe monitoring intake and prescribing healthy doses accordingly? Actually, I’m half serious about that one.

  3. You still haven’t clarified what took place in the ‘Eye Test’ – was there a Slit-Lamp examination when the front of the eye was examined under magnification – probably not?
    Sounds as if a prescription following a refraction was obtained – doubtful whether an examination was carried out- both anterior and posterior structures.
    The point being that Dr Dalip can perform the same procedure of sticking something up Karen Badal’s private parts to abort a fetus but in the more hygienic conditions of a clinic’s sterile surroundings and proper equipment to do the job there is less chance of her uterus being perforated and subsequent death– the point is– where do you draw the line? And should ignorant consumers dictated clinical standards?
    Deregulation and direct selling suits the manufacturers but who picks up the tab when people have irreversible damage? A fragile endothelium makes cataract surgery more risky – thankfully medical knowledge and technology are advancing.

    1. I dunno, Dionne. I think Dr. Dalip not being licensed to perform an abortion had more, or at least as much, to do with it failing than poor equipment. Regardless, an abortion and an eye test are not comparable, in my opinion. I think a closer parallel would be to over the counter birth control vs. regulated birth control access. I still maintain that there are certain things a person should be able to access even though the cautious method would be to get tested beforehand. I think people should have a choice. But that’s just me.

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