Bishop thinks colonial buggery laws are outdated

Photo by Demerara Waves

Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne, did tell Demerara Waves that the laws ought to be reviewed with an understanding that “a crime is when one person is imposing or preying on the vulnerable…” – not what goes on between two consenting adults. He said that “the law does not see them as people”; that it results in unjust discrimination. That’s putting it mildly! These laws – which, by the way, were enacted in 1893 (1893!) – criminalise a portion of our population just for having a different sexual orientation from that of the majority. It’s so absurd, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Bishop Alleyne did make the obligatory allusion to the usual fear about the Gay Rights Slippery Slope* but overall it was a pretty progressive statement by Guyanese standards – which is to say that it’s far too long overdue and nowhere near enough but it’s better than nothing.

What recommends any religion to continued adherence is that which brings us together – respect for the dignity of the individual, peaceful cooperation, community care. All of it boils down to love. Loveless denominations of any faith are not worth anyone’s time.

I hope other religious leaders (and followers) take note.

*The theory that all that’s stopping spontaneous same-sex orgies from erupting amongst the straights is the recognition of the dignity and rights of LGBT persons.


5 thoughts on “Bishop thinks colonial buggery laws are outdated

  1. Finally! Kudos to the Bishop for highlighting that it’s time for a change. NB. Even the US recently ruled that laws that criminalize different sexual orientation violate one’s constitutional rights and their rights to privacy [see Lawrence v. Texas]. More so, what of the laws regarding the age of consent? Did they ever raise that to 16 or 18? I believe it used to be 13 under the old laws….

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