Kony 2012 in Guyana

I stumbled across another Twilight Zone scene over the weekend:

You can’t make it out very clearly but all the trees on both sides of this pedestrian stretch were sporting Kony 2012 flyers. Ironically, there was a homeless man sitting on one of the benches in the midst of the Kony madness.

I’m not going to get into a long discussion with anyone (future commenters, you have been warned) about Kony 2012. I had enough of that on Facebook. Instead, I’m going to leave info provided by Lisa Szarkowski and Ishmael Beah. Lisa is Vice President of the US Fund for UNICEF who manages, among other things, the celebrity ambassador program and campaign/advocacy related media. Ishmael is a former child soldier who was removed from the Sierra Leone army by UNICEF and is currently the UNICEF Advocate for Children Affected by War.

I’m also going to say that I’m sure Red Thread would have appreciated such a show of solidarity on their picket line at any point during their month long protest against a very serious, local tragedy of injustice. I’d like to echo what a fellow blogger has said about the matter,

“the Kony 2012 video is only good for one purpose. How quickly and effectively it can spread awareness about the dire issue of child soldiers. Besides spreading awareness, the Kony video is misleading and encourages donations to a shady organization. Even if Tri and Invisible Children aren’t as shady as we perceive it, it would be better to donate to more well-known, established, and transparent organizations such as UNICEF, International Rescue Committee, and doctors without borders.”

I’d suggest volunteering with or donating to UNICEF or local NGOs (or both!) for Guyanese wanting to “do something”.

The Kony 2012 debate: Help UNICEF stop child exploitation
Ishmael Beah Says ‘Kony 2012’ Simplistic and Unrealistic


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