The Vagina Monologues Comes to Guyana

this weekend!

Watched this three times during my undergrad. Am intrigued as to how it will be adapted for Guyanese women.


3 thoughts on “The Vagina Monologues Comes to Guyana

  1. Krysta, I went to the VM for the first time it was an amazing experience, learning about the lives of women through serious issues like war, love,men, abuse, self esteem, humor, periods, age, custom, misunderstanding, empowerment and much more.

    I thought It was very well presented for the Guyanese experience by our very talented local actresses who gave the entire show a unique flair with their delivery of the stories about women from around the world.

    The crowd of mainly women and a few brave men started the evening as mainly strangers, some of us first timers were slightly concerned as to what was in store for us, within minutes we had overcome the stigma of the word vagina and were united in the humor of our human frailties on this subject, roaring and crying with laughter then silent with respect for the serious aspects of rape and abuse, it is an opportunity not to be missed. We left Impeccable Banquet Hall no longer strangers but as friends who had shared a life changing experience.

    Highly recommended to all my sisters and brothers ! I would definitely go again! Thank you to my sisters for encouraging me to go, V : )

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