Guyanese to watch: Hollis France

Photo by Grace Beahm

Hollis France is a global politics professor at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. She left Guyana 25 years ago though she recalls hearing talk of Guyana’s economic development as a little girl growing up.

Unsurprisingly, she finds the typical real politik school of teaching doesn’t give all the answers when it comes to global politics and economic development. So, she’s started catering her courses to look at global policies not from academics and leaders but from local people. She calls it a ‘bottom up’ approach to development. Hmm sounds familiar

She says “it’s important to understand how people at ground level cope with policies of the World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund, which are encouraging all nations to remove international trade impediments.” 

To Hollis, this is what responsible citizenship is all about.

She and some of her students once tried to live on an American dollar a day. She ended up having to donate blood to get a free lunch and then bought two rolls for dinner with her dollar.

Hollis will be in Guyana this June for four weeks, working with women using cassava. Hope I can meet her!

[Post and Courier]


4 thoughts on “Guyanese to watch: Hollis France

  1. In the original Post and Courier article we read “France remembers hearing adults talk about policies that curbed her native Guyana’s economic development when she was just a girl, she says.” It isn’t as simple as all that but all of us, young and old, should be aware of history and how it helps explain the present. I suggest the historical role of the IMF as a starting point. An example below:

    Don’t know if this is too serious for the present followers of the blog, but Ms. France “cool” as she is, is dealing with a serious matter.

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