Saints’ Fair

For whatever reasons, I can’t remember Bishops’ throwing fairs. Either my memory is awful or I never went to any (probably the former).

Saints had a fair on Saturday and I ended up checking it out for a bit. The same games Ogle Church usually has at their fairs but far more carefully dressed teenagers sizing each other up. Even if we had fairs at Bishops’, I’m pretty sure I would never have gone as well dressed as the teens of today. I had a poor grasp on the concept of popular style (still do) and was still taking fashion advice from my aunts (still do). Since I look anywhere between 18 and 19, I found myself being evaluated and was mildly relieved when I was told by a 16 year old that my ankle boots were awesome. I myself was feeling a little ridiculous for wearing them as it had stopped raining by the time I got there and it was, as usual, hot. But weather is obviously not something one considers when thinking about style – judging by the number of high top lace up cotton sneakerboots (name?) I saw on the females.

I lost at a game of Spin the Wheel (which, I have decided, is impossible to win) and was amused at the ‘Shy Tins’ sign in another corner (shy = throw/pelt). Lots of tempting food stands. Had a dinner engagement so couldn’t stay although I heard things would get started only later in the evening (don’t they always?) but not a bad afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Saints’ Fair

  1. As an Alumnus living abroad, I am starved of news of Saints. Thanks for your comments and photos. Very interesting blog. Tell us more of how you are adapting now you have returned.

    1. Aww I’m so glad to hear that! Will keep an ear out for Saints news especially for you. And will attempt to share my ‘adaptation’ story soon. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

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