News of the Woman

Suddenly, well, not so suddenly

If you were listening.

Seemingly suddenly,

Or accumulating

The news of the Woman, the prime Civiliser, first Cultivator,

The news of Woman

pains, not cheers!

At the height of the age of her affirmation

With notable enrolment in schools at all learning levels

And the doubtful Right of coupling mothering

With the mock privilege of bearing arms in combat

To snuff out the life she alone suckles

There is some, silent, lurking fear

This may not be the reality

But it fills the space of News

It is north and south east and west

Black. Brown White cannot point the finger

at the Other

It is all over, this insidious culture


What! is She now an upstart

Prematurely free from official patriarchy

Is she now the uppetty one

Taking the place of the enslaved everywhere after breaking their chains?

Remember Haiti!

Rush to the watch towers, watch it close:

Blissful domestic battering

A common thing

In New York

a hotel maid

Can be set upon

A working mother, woman from Africa

Set upon by a world ruler

Famed for his ferocity

And nothing, nothing comes of it.

here in this republic

Land of the free


Free to break laws and rules and violate right and left

And he is not called criminal!

Like the junkie with his joint

I don’t have all the facts,

Just askin’, just checkin’

Rush to the watch towers, and verify

Or deny,

Everywhere in every hour, so it seems-


Or is there a real backlash?

This is a bell crier’s alarm,

Like the crutch I carry, just in case

This js just random stories, anecdotes, not research,

Not affidavits, just news.

The old man just checkin’


In a country to the south, an active  woman  leaving

A discouraging climate

was told she amounted to nothing

another speaking out  her mind

slammed in secret by analyst

accused of being in heat

a dull domestic dumbing down of  the gender.


In this bastion of hypocrisy, a woman

Demanding rights already won

Wins the medal  “Slut”- in the public worldwide space

And He, the lord of contempt and bluster

is still an opinion maker,

Public figure, serial offender

With the facility of offending

And apart from myriad attacks on her  sacred person

The rapes, the penalties, the silences

The secret determinations behind closed doors

by titled tools

There comes this brazen proposition

in guise of a verbal paper change

To Occupy and control her Body

Deny her defence in the name of Jah

Ah just askin!

By Eusi Kwayana

Photograph of my grandmother – an amazingly resilient woman who has struggled beyond imagination throughout her entire life and continues to fight her personal demons even today.


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