Sweet (rice)!


11 thoughts on “Sweet (rice)!

      1. then please do! haha! Its quite a staple food here so I might be checkin out here and there! im so interested! wish you could let me know when you already made one! Thanks! Let’s follow? 😀

  1. Or rice porridge. Made in coconut milk, with cinnamon sticks and some nutmeg sprinkled for added flavour and yummy. Delicious. As a child we had it sometimes on Friday as our main meal. I’ve tried making it without coconut milk, but didn’t enjoy it as much as I craved the taste of the coconut milk. Also one can add some dried fruit if eaten as a morning meal. I still remember the meals I enjoyed from my tender childhood. Bon apétit.

  2. Perhaps the person did it with milk instead and added some condensed milk afterward, because it does look different from what I’m used to. Try it with coconut milk. I’ve made it as a desert for my non-Guyanese friends and they loved it, even took some with them. Of course, I don’t have the advantage of fresh coconut milk. I decorated it with a sprinkling of sliced almonds. Good stuff. Try it and enjoy. I like your blog, it jogs my memories of being at home. A good weekend to you.

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