Things to see: Coastal Wanderings

The art gallery at Castellani House is currently featuring an exhibition called ‘Coastal Wanderings’ with photographs by Nikhil Ramkarran and Michael Lam. I went the day after it opened and was very impressed.

I’ve been flattered once or twice by Guyanese who said that my pictures made Guyana seem more interesting than they usually find it. Personally, I find Guyana to be one of the most interesting places I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been about the place some) but we’re not all the same, eh? Plus, I understand the jaded attitude to the “home” environment. You figure it’ll always be there; you want to be elsewhere. I haven’t been back long enough to feign boredom and don’t mind being called a tourist. So, I think it’s great if my pictures can put a new perspective on old news.

I have to admit, however, that even with an eye peeled for awesomeness, I must be missing a ton. At least, that’s all I could think after seeing photographs of the content and calibre of the Coastal Wanderings exhibition. It just threw my touristic tendencies into overdrive! You cannot walk away from those photographs and not think that Guyana is something special or not want some of that for yourself.

Nikhil and Michael take the kind of pictures that make you suddenly realize you haven’t been paying enough attention to what’s going on around you and that the gamut of human experience can be found right here in your own backyard, Guyana. I could gush about technique and colour or composition but honestly, I’m no photography expert. All I know is how the pieces make me feel. Like these:

© Nikhil Ramkarran
© Michael Lam


See what I mean?

If you’re a fan of Guyana – and gorgeous photography – then you need to trot on over to Castellani House before the 17th of this month and check out Coastal Wanderings.


[Don’t worry, I’m not giving away spoilers. These photographs aren’t part of the exhibition. You can find them here at their respective blogs: The Michael Lam Collection and Bad Light, Good Light ]



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