the Rain.

It’s raining cats and dogs over here once again and I have yet to venture outside (thank goodness for working from home) but the facebook statuses keep coming and, from the gist of them, it seems the place is flooded once again. How bad is it? Well, one friend welcomed us all to “little Venice” – but I sincerely hope he was exaggerating (probably not).

One friend got a little creative with his musings on the rain and has given me permission to share with you all:

Thanks, Phil! The rain was worth the spontaneous poetry, I’d say 🙂

Phil found the photograph here.


4 thoughts on “the Rain.

  1. Thanks for that, good work from Phil!
    Little Venice? no, Venice has the boats or Gondolas 🙂 we don’t…
    Samanthani Singh posted a photo on FB showing a bus angled because it had run into the gutter, he couldn’t see where the road was. What amazed me was that I recognized the place, it was all water and in the corner of the photo were some steps, and the water went right across the scene to the steps; the steps were those of St George’s! Imagine the entire St. George’s surrounded by water!

  2. Wow! Another friend of mine said that where he is the water is higher than it was in ’05 – which is too awful to contemplate!
    (as bad as it is, now I want to go out and take some pictures…)

  3. Enjoyed the poetry. Congratulations to the author. My thoughts are with you all. Need to begin petitioning the Government to work on alleviating this problem as a priority. Were no lessons learned from 2005? Sad to think there were none.

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