Guyanese to watch: Nikki Kahn

“Her visual reporting spans the globe – Afghanistan, Haiti, Tunisia, India, Egypt, and Guyana to name just a few. In 2011, Kahn shared a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography with her Washington Post colleagues Carol Guzy and Ricky Carioti for their series “Haiti’s Profound Sorrow,” featuring portraits of grief and desperation after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.”

Grace Aneiza Ali writes, founder of the e-zine Of Note, about Guyanese photojournalist Nikki Kahn. Incidentally, Grace is herself another talented Guyanese woman.
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© Nikki Kahn /
This photograph was one of a series in a project Kahn did called “Aids in Guyana” while doing her Master’s in Photography at Syracuse University.

2 thoughts on “Guyanese to watch: Nikki Kahn

  1. Couldn’t help wondering if she was born Khan but became Kahn voluntarily or not so that her chances of success and acceptance in the business could be enhanced. Just like how Guyanese Morris can become Canadian Maurice just after stepping off the plane.

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