Love Etc

Director Jill Andresevic gives us a documentary following 5 New Yorker couples around for a year to explore the well worn theme of Love. But this is no romantic comedy with a rigidly defined script. These are real people, real lives, real loves – real stories. I’m already wondering how the single gay dad story will play out.

It’s refreshing to know that the brown couple in this movie are Guyanese for a change. I dearly want to know what they think love and a good relationship entail given that I’ve come across so many people in unhealthy relationships here. How much of their notions are Guyanese (whatever that means) and how much American (whatever that means)?

From the trailer, it looks like a movie I need to get my hands on though I have to admit that I can’t tell if it’s cause of the movie itself or the awesome song that’s playing.

Here’s the trailer:


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