Pilots no longer have to wing it to runway (ish)

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport infamously employed outdated landing tech – a fact which was brought to light in July 2011 when Caribbean Airlines Flight 523 from New York, carrying 163 persons, slid off a rainy runway, crashed into a fence and split into two. Somehow, everyone survived (trauma notwithstanding).

Apparently the old navigational equipment, circa 2003, only guided pilots up to 150 metres away from the runway. I’m really glad I had no inkling of this factoid all those times I took a plane down here.

The new landing system, as devised by Canadians, now guides pilots up to 60 metres which everyone seems to think is awesome.

Since I had assumed the plane was somehow guided all the way to touchdown, I will now be (more of a) nervous wreck when flying. Thanks, Canadian airplane scientists!

New Canadian-installed landing system debuts at Guyana’s airport [Canadian Business]

Images via Pilot News Magazine


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