These women are literally gold diggers…

…in that they are organised gold miners.

Scoring points for gender equality in Guyana, about 70 women have joined together to form the Guyana Women’s Miners Association to support women who work in the gold mining interior region.

Simona Broomes, the Association’s President, reports that working in the interior is much harder for women than for men because, in addition to the physical toil and discomfort of the environment, women have to put up with bullying and stigmatisation every single day.

The GWMA wants people to know that women working in the interior aren’t “loose” – and they can work just as hard as men can and then some.

Of course, it’d be nice to do away with the “loose” label altogether and I’m not sure about how much “the rest of the country has progressed and become modernised” (maybe they don’t get the papers up there?) but one small step at a time, eh?

I wish you well, ladies!

Women miners [Stabroek News]


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