Bribery Okay, Says 1/3 Guyanese

Despite the fact that everyone I know complains about the police hitting them up for cash to get out speeding and other miscellaneous traffic related misdemeanours, a study recently conducted by Vanderbilt University on “the Americas” has found that 32% of Guyanese think a little money under the table is a good idea. Clearly, I don’t know enough people. Or traffic cops. Guyana pulled out on top of this study, beating Haiti by a margin. The study found that “People were more likely to believe that bribery was sometimes justifiable if they also believed that: the national economy had taken a turn for the worse in the past year; crime was a threat to their future; corruption is rampant among government officials.” [LA Times] [Voxxi]


Police Commissioner, Henry Greene, has still somehow not managed to resign despitebeing accused of rape and being recommended to be charged with rape by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Instead, he proceeds to behave like a jackass by throwing suspicion on the alleged rape victim’s credibility while his male lawyers undermine the female DPP as “unreasonable” and “irrational”. Business as usual? [Caribbean 360] [Stabroek News]


The indigenous Wapichan people of Guyana have finally finished a ten year project to digitally map out the area of rainforest that they would like to be legally recognized as theirs. The area is roughly 1.4 million hectares and would be primarily used for sustainable living and wildlife conservation. The area is also deeply important to the Wapichans on a spiritual level. One community leader said, “Recognition of our rights to control and manage our traditional territory would be one of the best ways of helping Guyana to fulfill its commitments to tackle climate change and meet its obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity, which aims to conserve and sustainably use biological resources.” []


Fifteen boats with 19 crewmen were attacked by pirates within a 24 hour time period on the 3rd of February.  According to a captain of one of the boats, “When we were about 15 knots away, just off the shore of Cozier village, they ordered us to lie down on our boats … they tied us up and beat us with cutlasses … before they left they bruk [sic] up we boat.” The Maritime Search and Rescue Centre was alerted to the situation and managed to save 18 fishermen. [Caribbean Journal]


Last month, Guyanese pineapples made waves in Canadian newspapers for being used to smuggle cocaine into the country. Not to be deterred by the discovery of the unorthodox smuggling methods, drug dealers sent another batch of cocaine through to Canada just this past week, this time in star apples. Pineapples, star apples – there seems to be a pattern here. The Mountees declare they are now onto this fruit drug gig so beware next time you feel generous enough to send some tropical fruit to your Canada dwelling relatives. [Vancouver Sun]


Guyana stripped of test match… [ESPN]

…and St. Kitts to host our games instead… [Trinidad Express]

…even though Guyana government swears no foul on own part. [NCN]

Guyana insecure, says UN. [Stabroek News]

The British are coming – to teach us a thing or two about policing. [Stabroek News]

Trusted religious scholar might have sexually abused children. [Stabroek News]

The good news: less murders. The bad? More armed robberies. [NCN]

India helps us out some more. [NCN]

Guyana gets more money for carbon stuff. [Caribbean Journal]

Guyanese get ready to strut their stuff. [Stabroek News]

Luncheon wishes UG protesters were more civilized. [Demerara Waves]

Chess nerd seriously disgruntled. [Stabroek News]

Would you pay USD $130 for 3 year employment in Guyana? [Caribbean 360]


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