People are eating: Cheese Pies

Cynthia Nelson shares not only her recipe for cheese pies but also a neat little theory as to how the cheese pie came about:

“The cheese pies we make in Guyana is a riff of the Portuguese Egg Tart, pastel de nata. And, in essence, it is like a mini quiche, drawing influence from the British proclivity for custards baked in pastry. I suspect that what we did in Guyana, as is done throughout the world with food that has traveled, is that we adapted the tart and married it with our penchant for English pies and came up with a Guyanese cheese pie.”

It’s a bit too advanced for my current cooking level but, if you’re handy in the kitchen, I’d suggest you try making these – they’re absolutely delicious.

Image via Jehan Can Cook

Reposted from: The Christian Science Monitor


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