Madam Colonel, We Salute You!


Windee Algernon, recently promoted to Colonel in the Guyana Defence Force, has become the highest ranking female in the Caribbean’s armed forces. Algernon can now retire satisfied, she says. Chief of Staff of the GDF, Commodore Gary Best, says that more women are needed in the military. [Daily Herald] [NCN]



So Long, Farewell Freddie

If you’re Guyanese and you’ve missed this bit of news, you are officially a cave dweller. Controversial Kaieteur News columnist, Freddie Kissoon, has been fired from the University of Guyana after 26 years of teaching there. Freddie is most well known for upsetting the People’s Progressive Party – and for calling the former President “King Kong”. Beloved and hated (simultaneously) by many, protests and petitions have been launched in support of Freddie. [Caribbean Trakker] [Demerara Waves]

WICB does not recognize authority of Government of Guyana

 The West Indies Cricket Board has cancelled the matches of a regional four-day tournament scheduled to be played in Guyana on account of government intervention in cricket affairs that were better left, in the opinion of the WICB, to the Guyana Cricket Board – which was dissolved in July 2011 following problematic elections. This follows on the heels of a strong condemnation of government involvement by the International Cricket Council. [Stabroek News] [ESPN]

With Friends Like These…

Guyanese-American Edul Ahmad swindled Guyanese New Yorkers and left them in financial ruin. Current President of Guyana assures the country, and America, that the relationship between Ahmad and former President Jagdeo was strictly friendly. Cause it’s friendship with fraudsters is A-okay. [NY Times]



Kung Hei Fat Choi! 

The Year of the Dragon was celebrated in the National Park, making it the first Chinese New Year Fair held in Guyana.  [Demerara Waves]



Mittermeier Hearts Jagdeo 

The President of Conservation International champions the work of former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo. Also, he likes to think of Guyana as “Kansas-sized”. [Huffington Post]



The History Channel Comes to Town []

We Will Vaccinate Your Daughters [Demerara Waves]

Guyana is Lonely, Says NY Times [NY Times]

Lithuania Thinks We’re Cool [Baltic Times]

Onward and Downward – to Brazil, We Go? [Caribbean Journal]

 Ready, Set, Drill! [Caribbean Journal]

Government Targets Diaspora – with Fun! [Caribbean 360]

China Hopes We have Smooth Sailing [Caribbean Journal]

Canadians Now Wary of Guyanese Pineapples [Huffington Post]

Guyana No Longer Okay with Gold Thievery [Washington Post]

Chinese Stuff Just As Good As American Stuff, says GPL [Demerara Waves]

EU Has Sweet Tooth, Throws Money at Guyana [CBS News]

Oxford Policy Management Dubs Us “Cursed” [Financial Times]


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