People are reading: The Sly Company of People Who Care

If you’ve somehow managed to escape the buzz surrounding this book, let me bring you up to speed: The Sly Company of People Who Care follows, we suppose, the story of the 26 year old Indian author who travels to Guyana and lives here for about a year. I purchased this book a couple of months back, read the first chapter and put it down. It was that impressive. Bhattacharya somehow manages to capture the Guyanese flavour in his narrative and is so on point that I find it difficult to read the book without getting emotionally involved. It’s exhausting. When I finally finish it, maybe in the next 5 years or so, I’ll write you a book review. Til then, several others have had something to say about this book:

The New York Times and the Guardian, while praising the “poetic” prose and capture of the creole language, liken Bhattacharya to Naipaul. [New York Times ] [Guardian]

My friend Sam loves the book and has been so enthusiastic that I had to let her know she’s always welcome to visit this country. [DNA India]

A Guyanese reader who wasn’t that impressed wrote a letter to the Stabroek News to let us all know. [Stabroek News]

A Guyanese friend blogged a review I can’t read because I’ve heard there are lots of spoilers 😉 [Thoughts of a minibus traveller]

And our little book club’s fearless leader, of course, had her two cents to add. [GT Observer]

The Sly Company of People Who Care won the 2011 Hindu Literary Prize and was shortlisted for the 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize.


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